DMARC Record Published

What you see when your domain has this problem:
Missing or Invalid Record DMARC Record not found
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A DMARC record published problem occurs when our tests detect a missing or invalid DMARC record (see above example). For some background, DMARC records are published via DNS as a text (TXT) record, and they notify receiving mail servers what should be done with non-aligned email received from your domain.

Why is DMARC important for my domain/business?

After DMARC has been implemented, it allows you to:

  • Monitor, detect, and fix real-world problems with your email delivery
  • See the email volumes you are delivering to inboxes (including which ones)
  • Identify threat emails pretending to come from your domain (i.e., spoofing/phishing)
  • Control the delivery of your email and defend against spoofing attacks

In addition to the above points, DMARC lets you take full control of your email deliverability. To combat spoofing and fraudulent domain activity as well as improve message delivery, implementing DMARC will put your business in control of getting your message to inboxes and protecting recipients from phishing threats.

Create DMARC Record + Free DMARC Report Setup DMARC Now