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MxToolbox API provides you with everything you need to manage your systems, improve your applications, or enhance your datasets. Develop your own internal tools or expand the data available to your team with a simple integration.

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Dozens of use cases!

At MxToolbox, we know tools and monitors are useful to administrators, developers and techs around the world, but sometimes you need MxToolbox information piped into a mission-critical systems. Now you can!

MxToolbox offers a REST-based API that enables you to run lookups and query monitors just like you can from our site. Our customers are using MxToolbox API for many reasons:

  • Piping customer reputation information into Ticketing and Support systems
  • Integrating Mail setup information into Prospecting tools and CRMs
  • Integrating reputation information into Email Management tools
  • Automatically setting up monitors for customers and servers as part of automated provisioning systems
  • Using DNS information as part of Marketing automation
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What can you do?

MxToolbox RESTful API enables you to:

  • Run all the Lookups in the Supertool*
  • Add/Remove or Query Monitor Status
  • Check your API usage

We provide everything you need (except code) to integrate MxToolbox with your systems and tools.

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  • Blacklist, both domain and IP.
  • DNS - A, PTR, DNSSEC, DNS Propagation, etc.
  • Email - SMTP, MX, SPF, DKIM, DMARC and more.
  • Network - Ping, Portscan, HTTP and more.


  • Check Monitor Status
  • Modify Monitors
  • Add Monitors
  • Delete Monitors

Free to try

MxToolbox provides a certain number of free lookups to all our customers and access to more lookups, monitor tasks and usage queries for paid customers. Using a test domain, free users may test our APIs using a test account.

You can test the API right now using -

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