How Does DMARC Stop Spam

Email spam is one of life’s general annoyances. It infiltrates our inboxes and causes headaches because most individuals don’t know how to fight it head on. These unsolicited electronic messages are often commercial in nature, though many contain links disguised to be from trusted websites and lead to pesky phishing websites or malware hosts. Unfortunately, spam has grown steadily since its inception in the early 1990s and is still a huge threat to your brand via email.

Moreover, unbeknownst to many people, the chances of having your company’s domain blacklisted increase daily. To avoid this scenario, MxToolbox offers a wide array of products to keep your messages safe from hackers while derailing their spoofing, phishing, and spam intentions. Specific to blacklisting, our Blacklist Monitoring tools provide your business the ability to know if/when your legitimate outbound domain comes under attack and is deemed malicious.

You Have an Ally in DMARC

To help combat the constant threats to your business email, achieving DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) compliance is ideal. By doing so, spam will be identified and dealt with sooner than provided email filters allow. Because DMARC is now implemented in nearly 80% of global inboxes, the movement to stop spam campaigns is in full force. MxToolbox recommends that your company utilizes this effective option to fortify your inbox, streamlining future email communications.

Creating and sustaining a positive sender reputation leads to increased trust in your business from current and potential customers. That trust often translates to more traffic and amplified sales. With the inclusion of a strong policy to quarantine or block suspect messages that fail DMARC, spam filters will no longer associate your domain with a high volume of illegitimate email. By decreasing spam occurrences, your domain’s delivery rates will improve leaps and bounds. After all, your business relies on email to strengthen its brand and reinforce solid customer communication.


MxToolbox offers the necessary tools to fight threats designed to damage your email reputation, especially spam. Once DMARC compliance is achieved, your company’s messages are protected from online hackers and fraudsters impersonating your brand. Be sure to utilize MxToolbox’s industry experts to confront spam campaigns and improve overall email delivery rates to your intended customer base.

DMARC is the key to improving Email Deliverability!

Email is the key to your customer communication strategy. But, what is your email reputation?

Setting up and managing your DMARC configuration is the key to getting insight into your email delivery. MxToolbox is the key to understanding DMARC.

MxToolbox Delivery Center gives you:

  • Who is sending phishing email purporting to be from your domain
  • What is the reputation of your domains and delegated IPs
  • Where other senders are and What their reputations are
  • How your SPF, DKIM and DMARC setup is performing
  • What on-going maintenance you need to maintain and improve your email deliverability

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