The MxToolBox API is a RESTful Web Service allowing MxToolbox customers to query the status of their monitors and run lookups (blacklist, smtp, mx, etc.). Generally, programmers use this API to integrate MxToolBox into their products. For example, customers have created a dashboard on their site which shows the real-time status of their monitors.

Please note that only editors or owners can access the API key.

There are three methods available - Lookup, Monitor, and Usage.

  • Lookup - run lookups using the same engine as SuperTool
  • Monitor - current status of all subscribed monitors
  • Usage - the number of consumed and maximum allowed requests

Lookups Per Day

Local Lookups - simple tools that do not touch outside our network (MX, A, DNS, SPF, TXT, SOA, PTR). This also includes calls to Monitor.

Network Lookups - all tools that require outside network access (blacklist, SMTP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, PING, TRACE)

Free User Basic Plan Pro Plan
DNS 64 4096 4096
(e.g. blacklist)
0 (you can test with "") 32 128 Lookups

To help with testing, all lookup types allow to be used as an argument. A subscription key is not required. For example -