Do email recipients Complain about your email?

Inbox Providers maintain statistics on how customers view incoming email in order to provide better, more relevant email to their clients. Complaints about your email like failed email addresses, provider unsubscribes and unwanted emails affect your ability to deliver your message to your customers. Every email sender has complaints by their recipients, but few are monitoring it and even fewer are learning from it to improve their efforts. MxToolbox Complaints gives you actionable feedback on complaints made about your email.

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What does MxToolbox Complaints do?

MxToolbox Complaints gathers, aggregates and analyzes feedback information from Inbox Providers like Google, Yahoo!, and many others. Our unique processing algorithms digest the bulk data and provide you with actionable insights, including:

  1. Lists of email addresses that have unsubscribed that you should remove from your email marketing lists.
  2. Lists of Email Campaigns by subject line that your team should review for better content or to improve the email lists.
  3. Lists of Complaint emails that you should run against customer lists to ensure that your customers aren’t complaining you and then remove from marketing lists.
  4. Lists of Failed emails that you should remove from your marketing lists and check against customers.

MxToolbox gives you the best insights into the quality of your marketing lists and the ability to clean them up and improve your brand and reputation!

MxToolbox Inbox Placement provides you with a simple report of where your email goes when you send email to Inbox Providers like Google, Yahoo! and Our report tells you if the email made it to the Inbox, got dumped into Junk/Spam or failed to make it to the mailbox entirely. With MxToolbox you know if a campaign is bouncing or if it’s the quality of your message!

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How do Complaints work?

Maybe an explanation diagram?

Inbox Providers allow their users to unsubscribe or mark an email as spam or junk, while some providers keep lists of deactivated or unused email boxes. These databases are available to senders via Complaints or Feedback Loop mechanisms which send XML feeds to senders Postmaster email addresses. MxToolbox taps into these feeds, aggregates the data and provides actionable reports on your sending status.

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How can I get Complaints?

MxToolbox Complaints is a feature of MxToolbox Delivery Center. Simply subscribe to one of our Delivery Center plans and you get access to Complaints! You will need to setup Feedback Loops for your sending domains using our step-by-step guides, but we’re here to help!!

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Popular Features of Paid Plans:

Inbox Placement

Check your email campaign delivery at major Inbox Providers like Google and Yahoo!

Full analysis of Google and Yahoo! Bulk Sender Requirements Coming Soon!

Recipient Complaints

Get feedback on how your recipients perceive your email directly from Inbox Providers.

Email Delivery Configuration Management

Get expert recommendations and management tools for key delivery technologies: SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

Adaptive Blacklist Monitoring

Monitor all of your sending IP addresses, inlcuding 3rd party senders, for blacklisting issues.

Outbound + Inbound Mailflow Monitoring

Round-trip monitoring of your email sending and receiving latency to prevent issues.

SPF Flattening

Manage complex SPF setups easily and quickly and keep your email going.

Does Email Delivery sound too complicated?

MxToolbox has an expert team that provides a Managed Services approach to email delivery. Our team will help you through the process of adopting DMARC, managing email delivery best practices and proactively make suggestions to maintain the highest quality email deliverability.