Small email delays can be costly for your business. You need to track email system performance to anticipate delays before they affect your users and customers. You need peace of mind. You need the best. You need MxToolbox MailFlow Monitoring, featuring:

  • Round-trip SMTP monitoring
  • Inbound and outbound email tests and header analysis
  • Performance metrics and historical statistics
  • Configurable real-time alerts
  • Customizable timeouts

Get a complete picture of your mail server performance from the most trusted source, MxToolbox Mailflow Monitoring.

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Comprehensive Statistics

MxToolbox’s MailFlow Monitor records statistics every 5 minutes, including:

  • Round-trip mail delivery time
  • Inbound processing time
  • Outbound queue delay
  • Email server response times
  • Support for Email-as-a-Service platforms

Uncover hourly, daily, weekly or monthly trends with drill-down charts.

Get peace of mind knowing your email servers are monitored, 24x7, by the best mailflow monitoring solution, MxToolbox Mailflow Monitoring.

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Monitoring Multiple domains? No problem! We offer discounts on the volume of monitors.


Powerful, Easy-to-Use Interface

Our interface combines powerful user statistics, with ease of use and simplicity of configuration. Simply setup a mailbox on your server configured to forward email to us and let us know what email address to use. We’ll handle the rest. You can configure monitoring of individual mail servers in a cluster by setting a single IP, set timeouts and modify the frequency of your monitor.

Concerned about how Google Business Email or Microsoft Office365 is performing with your email? We support round-trip monitoring of Email-as-a-Service Platforms.

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