Website Monitoring

Your business is on the web. Whether you're running hundreds of sales a day or simply have a website with your business card or menu, you're a web-based organization. When your website is down, so is business. You need to know when your website is inaccessible.

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Monitor your Uptime and Performance!

MxToolBox HTTP Monitoring alerts you to issues that affect your website. Whether your site is down, or running slowly, MxToolbox HTTP monitoring provides you the information you need. Featuring immediate outage alerts and graphs of response time, our monitoring is there to protect your business.

Check your Configuration!

MxToolbox Website monitoring is more than just uptime. We check your HTTP and HTTPS configuration for RFC compliance, secure certificates and more. While you may be up, we can tell you if your site is running right.

MxToolbox Website Monitors test the performance of both HTTP and HTTPS, giving you peace of mind that your website is accessible. Our Website monitors examine:

  • HTTP Connect
  • HTTP Filter
  • Response Time
  • HTTPS Certificates

We even warn you 30 days before your SSL Certificate expires.

MxToolBox Professional Interface

All monitoring products come with access to MxToolBox Professional, our new more powerful interface that combines lookups and monitors.

Other Professional Monitoring Services

Blacklist Monitoring

Email blacklists are a common way of reducing spam, but occasionally legitimate businesses end up on blacklists. The blacklist monitor will regularly check a mail server IP address or domain against over 100 DNS based email blacklists and alert you. Most MxToolBox Professional packages include a number of standard monitors that can be used for blacklist monitoring. Learn More

Mailflow Monitoring

Even short email delays can be costly for your business. Our MailFlow Monitor provides end-to-end, round-trip email server testing to detect issues before they become problems for your users. We confirm mail can be sent and received from your email server and alert you to any delays we detect.

You can purchase MailFlow monitoring packages in addition to your MxToolBox Professional subscription. Learn More

Domain Health

Our Domain Health Monitor is an all-in-one monitor for your entire domain’s well-being. Monitor your entire domain, including web server configuration and status, dns records and configuration, smtp email server configuration and status, plus blacklists.

You can purchase Domain Health monitoring packages in addition to your MxToolBox Professional subscription. Learn More

API Access

Our RESTful API enables integration of our lookups and monitoring services with custom applications and databases. Leverage our technology to enhance your system administration applications. Learn More

MxToolBoxProfessional Features

  • Early Access to New Tools
  • NO Third Pary Ads
  • Recent Lookup History
  • My Favorites
  • Quick Watch Monitors
  • DNS Record Traversal
  • Batch Lookups
  • Killer "Tools"
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