MxToolbox DNS Zone Protect

Secure and Track Changes to your Domain Name

  • Instant alerts when someone makes DNS Changes
  • Detailed change history for authorized DNS Changes
  • Respond rapidly to unauthorized DNS Changes:
    • Domain Shadow Attacks that steal customer information
    • Domain Hijack and ransom attacks

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A Change Management and Security Monitor in one package

Protect against new DNS attacks

Domain Shadow attacks combine phishing attacks with the creation of multiple, short-lived subdomains that look like your website but contain malware and bots used to exploit your customers. Not only do these attacks threaten the reputation of your domain, but they also threaten your business and data. In the last 6 months, Domain Shadow attacks have grown >300%. Your security is at risk if you’re not protecting your DNS.

MxToolbox DNS Zone Protect is the security monitor for your domain's DNS. It constantly monitors a DNS zone for changes that could be the start of an attack, such as modifications to your domain's existing DNS records or additions of new subdomains, and immediately alerts you to the change enabling your team to act.

What happened in last night’s Maintenance Window?

As your organization grows, so does the potential for accidental or uncoordinated changes to your DNS records. When multiple people or groups can add subdomains or make DNS records changes for your domain, it’s easy to lose track of a subdomain, leave something online too long, or shutdown a subdomain early. This puts your day-to-day operations at risk.

MxToolbox DNS Zone Protect provides constant monitoring of all changes within the DNS zone for your domain and alerts you when something has changed. Your entire team can get real-time visibility into changes that affect both your internal and external customers. Protect your business with MxToolbox DNS Zone Protect.

Provides a complete DNS history

Once you start with MxToolbox DNS Zone Protect, we keep a complete history of all changes within your domain's DNS zone. Use our history to analyze trends, troubleshoot emerging issues or uncover subdomains for maintenance or shutdown

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DNS Monitoring

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API Access

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