MxToolbox Investigator

Security is an on-going challenge for businesses like yours. In fact, we found that more than 48% of our customers research security issues at least once a week.

You need tools to quickly give you the information you need to research the domains and systems you and your staff encounter. MxToolbox Investigator can help.

Starting at $20/month

MxToolbox Investigator has the information you need

MxToolbox Investigator was designed to provide pertinent security information in a single pane view, featuring:

  • IP addresses associated with the domain
  • Nameserver information and analysis
  • WhoIs Information on the domain
  • Domain Blacklist Reputation
  • SPF Analysis
  • and more...

Simplify your Security Analysis

MxToolbox Investigator provides all the information you need in a single window. You can easily review results, detect inconsistencies and look for patterns because all the pertinent information is right before you. No need to go hunting or make multiple lookups to compare results!

Whether you're uncovering a spam issue, diagnosing an on-going attack, checking out a new partner or looking for evidence of infiltration, MxToolbox Investigator makes it easier to analyze the problem.

Starting at $20/month

High Quality Support

All of our products come with high quality support from our dedicated, in-house support team.

Our experienced team is available to assist you with setup, troubleshooting, and account maintenance. You never have to wait in an anonymous support queue for support or tackle an email problem alone! An answer isn't far away and our expertise gives us insight into any type of problem you might encounter.

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