Master SPF with MxToolbox SPF Flattening!

Email is critical for your business, and SPF is critical for email delivery. But, limitations of SPF can hold you back!

MxToolbox's SPF Flattening service gives you the power to manage complex SPF setups easily and quickly and keep your email going.

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MxToolbox Delivery Center Plus

What does SPF Flattening do?

MxToolbox SPF Flattening Tool provides you with a simple, easy-to-use system to manage complex SPF configurations. As you add more 3rd party email sources, like CRMs, Marketing Automation, Order Fulfillment, Customer Support and other tools to your domain, you quickly run out of SPF configuration options. MxToolbox SPF Flattening removes the limitations of SPF by reconstructing your SPF record automatically.

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How does SPF Flattening work?

SPF Flattening Simplifies the SPF Record

MxToolbox SPF Flattening works by rewriting your SPF record. If you have more than 10 lookups included in your SPF record, the later lookups will not be executed, leaving some of your legitimate email senders to bounce. MxToolbox SPF Flattening:

  • Reviews the Verified Email Sources and manually added IP addresses currently in the SPF record.
  • Traverses all the email senders included in your SPF record to generate a complete record of all needed IP ranges.
  • Removes duplicate senders.
  • Consolidates overlapping IP ranges.
  • Crafts a compliant SPF record that covers all Verified Senders.
  • Monitors for new email senders and automatically makes suggestions to include them in your SPF record.

Our SPF Flattening is automatic and adaptive, enabling you to specify new Verified Email Sources and have a new SPF record almost instantaneously.

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How can I get SPF Flattening?

SPF Flattening is a feature of MxToolbox Delivery Center Plus. Simply subscribe to one the Delivery Center Plus plan and you get SPF Flattening!

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Check your email campaign delivery at major Inbox Providers like Google and Yahoo!

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Email Delivery Configuration Management

Get expert recommendations and management tools for key delivery technologies: SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

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Outbound + Inbound Mailflow Monitoring

Round-trip monitoring of your email sending and receiving latency to prevent issues.

SPF Flattening

Manage complex SPF setups easily and quickly and keep your email going.

Does Email Delivery sound too complicated?

MxToolbox has an expert team that provides a Managed Services approach to email delivery. Our team will help you through the process of adopting DMARC, managing email delivery best practices and proactively make suggestions to maintain the highest quality email deliverability.