Do your email campaigns make it to the Inbox?

How do you know?

Getting your email to the Inbox is the most important thing you can do to get your message across. Customers naturally distrust email that arrives in the Junk or Spam folders, so your message is lost if you are not in the Inbox. MxToolbox Inbox Placement gives you the insight you need to improve your email marketing!

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What does Inbox Placement do?

MxToolbox Inbox Placement provides you with a simple report of where your email goes when you send email to Inbox Providers like Google, Yahoo! and Our report tells you if the email made it to the Inbox, got dumped into Junk/Spam or failed to make it to the mailbox entirely. With MxToolbox you know if a campaign is bouncing or if it’s the quality of your message!

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How does Inbox Placement work?

How does Inbox Placement Work?

MxToolbox Inbox Placement gives you two options to test out the placement of your emails:

  1. Proactively send emails to our test inboxes - When you are crafting a new nurturing campaign or setting up a newsletter, send a test email copying our list of test inboxes. We’ll tell you how the email performs!
  2. Test every newsletter - Simply subscribe our list of test inboxes to your newsletter lists. Every time you send an email to these lists, you get insight into how they performed with the Inbox Providers!

Our simple approach makes it easy for you to start getting actionable information about your email campaigns immediately!

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How can I get Inbox Placement?

MxToolbox Inbox Placement is a feature of MxToolbox Delivery Center. Simply subscribe to one of our Delivery Center plans and you get Inbox Placement!

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