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Do you send email from your webserver?

Do you send email from the same server in your MX records?

Enter any other server hostname or domain that delivers email for your domain

Enter your domain's IPv4 Addresses / CIDR Ranges

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Enter any 3rd party systems that may deliver emails for your domain (usually provided to you by the sending system)

Ex. Google Apps, Office 365, etc., This record is usually provided by the 3rd party.

How strict should should the SPF Policy be?

Suggested Record:
It looks like your DNS hosting provider is GoDaddy
Type: TXT
Host/Name: yourdomain.com
Value: v=spf1 include:dc-aa8e722993._spfm.yourdomain.com ~all
Current Record:
v=spf1 include:dc-aa8e722993._spfm.yourdomain.com ~all