MxToolbox Support and Frequently Asked Questions

What can we help you with?

How do I change the email address for the account?

The change email option is not functioning at this time. MxToolbox engineers are working to fix it. Until then, please click the "Submit a Ticket" button to request an email address change. Thank you for your patience.

To change the email address associated with your MxToolbox account, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click “” in top right corner for dropdown menu.
  3. Click “Settings” option directly below username.
  4. Enter the new email address you want associated with your account.
  5. Click “Save Account Changes” to confirm update to email address.
  6. Your settings have been updated message will appear.

Note: Changing your email address requires you to re-log in to your account after completing the above steps.

What are the user permission levels in MxToolbox Delivery Center?

There are three permission level roles of access that MxToolbox users can be assigned:

  • Owner: Full permissions to modify all account settings. The owner cannot be changed online. If you need to move account ownership to a different user, please contact Support by opening a ticket at the top of this page.
  • Edit Access: Full permissions to modify all account settings. Can be removed by other editors or the current owner.
  • Read-Only Access: Can read and view only. This permission type cannot make any changes to the account other than modifying their own information.

Where do I set Permission Levels?

User permission levels are set when a new user is invited and can be updated on the Account Management page.

Which actions require Edit Access or higher?

The following is a list of common actions that require Edit Access:

  • Adding/editing/deleting monitors
  • Adding/removing Delivery Center domains
  • Creating/updating notification alert policies
  • Activating third-party integrations in Delivery Center
  • Updating billing information
  • Inviting new users
  • And more

How do I set up SMS Email for the account?

By utilizing MxToolbox's SMS Email option as part of your account's notification policy, alerts are sent to your mobile device. Our system notifies you of any issues with your account, allowing you to quickly fix the problem.

To set up SMS Email for your MxToolbox account, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click “” in top right corner for dropdown menu.
  3. Click “Settings” option directly below username.
  4. Click "Account Settings" tab to access your Account Management information.
  5. Find Account Users section (shown in below image).
  6. In the Set SMS Email field, enter your phone number and your mobile carrier's designated email address, separated by the @ symbol (e.g.,
  7. Click “Save” to confirm your SMS Email update.
  8. A green "Your settings have been saved" message will appear.

MxToolbox's SMS Email option supports the SMS Email addresses entered because we do not currently support native messaging. Please see the following highlighted image for more information about our SMS Email setup:

Does MxToolbox support 2FA?

Paid users can protect their accounts with additional security in the form of 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), also known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

MxToolbox supports SMS and Time-based One-time Password (TOTP).

Visit the MFA Settings Page to configure MFA. Note: You will be asked for your password a second time when accessing the MFA page to confirm that you are recently authenticated and should be able to enable or disable MFA on your account.

You can see the MFA status of other users on your account on the Account Management page.

What are the common SMS Email Address formats?

Your SMS address is the email address associated with your cell phone and is determined using your mobile phone number and mobile carrier.

For example, if your mobile phone number is 555-123-4567 and your carrier is AT&T, your SMS address would be For non-US residents, the address must begin with your country code.

If you use one of the most popular carriers, here are some examples of what your "sender" email will appear as:

  • AT&T:
  • T-Mobile:
  • Sprint:
  • Verizon:
  • Virgin Mobile:

For comprehensive lists of SMS Email Address formats by carrier, see the following tables:

How do I add other users to the account?

1. Click on your email address in the top right corner and click on "Settings".

2. Click on Account Settings from the black navigation bar.

3. In the Invite User section, please:

  1. Enter the email address of the invitee.
  2. Select the permissions access level you want the new user to have. (For further details on the different permissions levels, click here: User Permission Types).

4. Click on Send Invitation.

The user will then receive an email invitation with the subject You're Invited to use MxToolbox! and will need to fill out their account settings and create a password.