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SMTP Problem Knowledge Base

What is a email server (smtp) problem?

There are a variety of potential problems you email server may encounter over time. MxToolbox offers free email server lookup tools and monitoring to alert you when you have a problem with your email server. The first step to fixing a problem with your mail server is identifying which issue it is currently experiencing, by running a smtp test.

This smtp test will connect to your email server and run multiple tests on your server to identify any current problems. Once you know which problem(s) your email server is encountering, you can easly add an smtp monitor to alert you when the problem is fixed and if another smtp problem occurs in the future. Each smtp monitor runs all of the tests, mentioned above, against your email server and alerts you if there is a problem.

Not sure where to start? Test SMTP Server

Tests we run include:

Benefits to SMTP Monitoring:

  • Each monitor runs multiple tests against your smtp server every day
  • Monitor alerts you instantly when you have a email server performance issue

Are you managing your email delivery?

Email delivery is more than running an email server, or regularly checking for blacklists. To really ensure you customers get your email, you need to setup SPF, DKIM and DMARC. If you aren't manage your DMARC configuration and responses from email providers, you don't know if your customers are getting your email.

MxToolbox is YOUR expert on email deliverability. MxDelivery Center can help you setup and analyze your DMARC, DKIM and SPF to give you the insight you need to make email configuration changes and get your emails to your customer's.
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