About MxReputationTM Scores



Your MxReputationTM Score indicates the severity of your blacklisting issue. Higher scores indicate a better overall reputation, with 100 being the highest possible score. Your email will not be blocked based on this score.

The score is a powerful informational tool for our users to gauge the severity of their blacklisting issue. It is also useful for our Basic or Professional edition blacklist monitoring customers who may manage the reputation of many servers or subnets. This allows you to sort your IP addresses by the most severe problems.

How is the score calculated?

Scores are generally based on the number of blacklists an IP is listed on. Blacklists which are more commonly used to block email will carry higher weights. These weightings automatically change over time and are based on input and feedback from the MxToolBox community, the volume of activity of the list, and other factors.

MxReputation Scores are available to our Basic and Professional Edition customers.

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