MTA-STS HTTPS Policy Fetch

What you see when your domain has this problem
MTA-STS HTTPS Policy Fetch Failed Details area Ignore

More Information About Mta-Sts Https Policy Fetch

This error (per RFC 8461 Section 3.3) indicates we were unable to find or connect to the MTA-STS Policy for the domain provided. This test attempts to establish a connection to the MTA-STS Policy. This policy is required to be hosted as a text file on a subdomain with the standard format of With that format, your domain would replace the part of the subdomain.

How can I resolve this issue?

  • Set up an MTA-STS Policy by creating a subdomain in the format of
  • If you have already setup the page and are getting the error, verify:

1. The page uses HTTPS by default, as HTTP will be treated as invalid 

2. Verify you are not blocking traffic to that subdomain or that you have a misconfiguration on the page


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