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DNS SOA Serial Numbers Match

What you see when your domain has this problem
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More Information About Dns Soa Serial Numbers Match

As part of our DNS check, we request SOA (Start of Authority) records for your domain from each of your name servers. These records each have a serial number used for consistency checks between name servers.

These serial numbers are responsible for ensuring that name servers have the correct information.

Additional Information

You will sometimes see your serial numbers become out of sync whenever you update records within your zone and the changes are transferred from your master name server to the slaves. If your serials do not align after a short while then there might be a problem with the transfer. If you see your serial numbers changing when you have not made any changes to your zone, then you should also investigate matters.

   The serial number field of the SOA resource record is defined in
   RFC1035 as

   SERIAL   The unsigned 32 bit version number of the original copy of
            the zone.  Zone transfers preserve this value.  This value
            wraps and should be compared using sequence space

   RFC1034 uses the same terminology when defining secondary server zone
   consistency procedures. [RFC1982]

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Blacklisting is a sign that you are not actively managing your email deliverability. Other technologies - SPF, DKIM and DMARC are now just as important to get your email placed in the Inbox of your recipients. If you aren’t managing email deliverability, your message may never be heard.

MxToolbox Delivery Center Features:

  • Insight into your SPF, DKIM and DMARC configuration to ensure your sending email properly
  • DMARC Compliance checks for all of your reported email
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  • Recommendations for improving DMARC compliance and DMARC policies
  • Event-based reminders for emergent issues and on-going maintenance

DMARC is a necessity for your business!

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