DNS At Least Two Servers

What you see when your domain has this problem
Less than Two Name Servers Found Details area Ignore

More Information About Dns At Least Two Servers

There is only one name server for your domain.

Only having one (1) name server leaves you vulnerable to that name server failing and taking down your website. It is recommended to have at least two (2) name servers for your domain to provide failover capabilty/backup in the event one name server fails.

Additional Information

RFC 2182 declares that The Domain Name System requires that multiple servers exist for every delegated domain (zone).

   A major reason for having multiple servers for each zone is to allow
   information from the zone to be available widely and reliably to
   clients throughout the Internet, that is, throughout the world, even
   when one server is unavailable or unreachable.

   Multiple servers also spread the name resolution load, and improve
   the overall efficiency of the system by placing servers nearer to the
   resolvers.  Those purposes are not treated further here.

   With multiple servers, usually one server will be the primary server,
   and others will be secondary servers.  Note that while some unusual
   configurations use multiple primary servers, that can result in data
   inconsistencies, and is not advisable. [RFC 2182]


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