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DMARC External Validation

What you see when your domain has this problem
External Domains in your DMARC are not giving permission for your reports to be sent to them. Details area Ignore

More Information About Dmarc External Validation

If you want to send your DMARC reports to a domain other than the one that the record is for, then the recieving domain needs to configure a DNS record so that Email Serivce Providers know that the recipient is authorizing the the reports.

From RFC-7489

Verifying External Destinations

It is possible to specify destinations for the different reports that are outside the authority of the Domain Owner making the request. This allows domains that do not operate mail servers to request reports and have them go someplace that is able to receive and process them. Without checks, this would allow a bad actor to publish a DMARC policy record that requests that reports be sent to a victim address, and then send a large volume of mail that will fail both DKIM and SPF checks to a wide variety of destinations; the victim will in turn be flooded with unwanted reports. Therefore, a verification mechanism is included.

For example: If your domain is and you want to send your reports to, then their needs to be a TXT DNS record which has the content v=DMARC1 in place to authorize your reports. When you configure MxToolbox to receive your DMARC reports, we configure this record automatically.