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More Information About Sectoor Exitnodes

Listing in Sectoor Exitnodes indiates that your IP address has been identified as a tor node. This blacklist only reports identified tor nodes, it does not list subnets (/24) containing tor nodes. There is no complaint procedure to have an IP address removed from this list as it will be automatically removed once the tor node ceases to run.

According to Sectoor, since nobody can control which ports are allowed on the exit servers (the tor project itself denies smtp by default, but this can be changed) it's a potential risk that someone could abuse the tor network to hide their ip while spamming.
Sectoor Exitnodes lists every IP address which is known to run a tor server and allow their clients to connect to one of the following ports:
  • Port 25
  • Port 194
  • Port 465
  • Port 587
  • Port 994
  • Port 6657
  • Ports 6660-6670
  • Port 6697
  • Ports 7000-7005
  • Port 7070
  • Ports 8000-8004
  • Port 9000
  • Port 9001
  • Port 9998
  • Port 9999


More information about SECTOOR EXITNODES can be found at their website: