DMARC Record Published BIMI Required

What you see when your domain has this problem
BIMI DMARC Record Published Failed Details area Ignore

More Information About Dmarc Record Published Bimi Required

A DMARC record was not found for this domain. To use your BIMI Record and have it display alongside your email messages within your recipient's inboxes you need to have a valid DMARC record published.

In order for this test to pass you must visit your DNS hosting provider and create a DMARC record. If you have already created a DMARC published a DMARC record, then this test is failing as the record is not valid. Some common reasons for this are:

  • The v tag does not have the correct value of DMARC1 (i.e. v=DMARC1)
  • The v tag is not the first tag-pair in the record (i.e. "p=none; v=DMARC1;;" would generate a fail result). A valid DMARC record should look like this "v=DMARC1; p=none; etc." with the v tag as the first in the string.

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