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BIMI Syntax Check

What you see when your domain has this problem
BIMI Syntax Check Failed Details area Ignore

More Information About Bimi Syntax Check

A syntax error has occurred in your BIMI record that doesn’t allow it to work properly. The issue might be a simple syntax mishap, which should be a quick fix. By checking your BIMI record’s syntax setup, you’ll be able to correct the problem and get your BIMI record back on the right track.
A common syntax issue involves the tag-pairs within the BIMI record, namely the v, a, and l tag options. For example, the l tag (which is required and shouldn’t be empty) must include at least one (1) URL that links to the location of the brand indicator files. If the required syntax comma isn’t used, an error will be created, and your BIMI record will fail. The l tag must also use HTTPS transport only, meaning a URL specified as HTTP will result in another error.
Some common syntax errors are:
  • The l tag is missing from the BIMI Record
  • The l tag doesn’t contain a valid URL value
  • The l tag contains a URL that doesn’t use HTTPS transport (i.e., l=http://example.com will cause a fail result)
  • The l tag contains multiple URLs that aren’t separated by commas
  • An a tag is present in the record and doesn’t contain one of the following three values: self, cert, or mva
  • The v, a, and l tags aren’t separated by semicolons
Because these tags are required for a BIMI Record to work properly, it’s imperative to not only include the tag within your record, but to closely review its syntax setup. Doing so is the difference between getting your logo displayed next to your emails or not having it displayed.


Your Email Deliverability is in Jeopardy!

Blacklisting is a sign that you are not actively managing your email deliverability. Other technologies - SPF, DKIM and DMARC are now just as important to get your email placed in the Inbox of your recipients. If you aren’t managing email deliverability, your message may never be heard.

MxToolbox Delivery Center Features:

  • Insight into your SPF, DKIM and DMARC configuration to ensure your sending email properly
  • DMARC Compliance checks for all of your reported email
  • Adaptive Blacklist Monitoring of all your email senders
  • Recommendations for improving DMARC compliance and DMARC policies
  • Event-based reminders for emergent issues and on-going maintenance

DMARC is a necessity for your business!

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