The Email Health Check will execute hundreds of domain/email/network performance tests to make sure all of your systems are online and performing optimally. The report will then return results for your domain and highlight critical problem areas for your domain that need to be resolved.

How it works: The report uses DNS to obtain the hostnames of your Mail Server, Web Server, and DNS Servers and then queries them to identify potential problems.

  • Get full visibility of your email's health status in one concise report
  • Identify every problem facing your email, including blacklist, mail server, web server, and dns issues

Email Health Monitoring Features

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  • Check your domain for problems in one place
  • Monitors run checks multiple times every day
  • Free email and phone support to help you resolve any problems
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  • 100+ Blacklists Checked
  • Blacklists checked multiple times every day
  • Domain & IP Blacklists
  • Free Blacklist Removal & Delisting Support
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Mail Server
  • Checks email server for each mx record
  • Multiple performance checks for each server conducted daily
  • Instant notification if there is a problem
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Web Server
  • Web Server monitoring checks your website status every 5 minutes.
  • Monitors alert you instantly if your web server's status changes
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  • Over 15 tests are run against your DNS servers and their configuration.
  • Monitors alert you the instant we detect a dns problem

Don't get surprised by nasty email problems: Run a email health report and detect email problems today!

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