The DMARC RUA Tag is used to designate an email address or addresses to send DMARC Aggregate Feedback reports to. These reports are incredibly valuable to any business that sends email as a they provide a view into email delivery when reports are combined. Even if a business does not use the domain for sending email, setting up a DMARC record and receiving these DMARC reports can provide insight into domain spoofing or phishing attacks impersonating the domain, which may impact your business and reputation.

This tag is set as a comma separated list of email addresses which you want DMARC Aggregate Reports sent to. Each email address you wish to send reports to should be formatted with a prefix of mailto:

Example DMARC Record with one (1) email address for DMARC reports 
v=DMARC1; p=none;;

Be advised when setting this email address to receive reports you will want to select one that will largely be soley dedicated to receiving these reports, as there can be hundreds to thousands per day depending on your mail volume. MxToolbox also recommends using a DMARC report processing service so that you will be able to make sense/take action on these reports without being inundated. MxToolbox currently offers this service - Click here to learn more about Delivery Center

An example of a DMARC record with multiple email addresses specified in the RUA tag is illustrated below:

Example DMARC Record (Format for multiple RUA addresses highlighted)
v=DMARC1; p=none;,;