Creating a SVG Image for a BIMI Record

WARNING - The BIMI spec is now using SVG Tiny 1.2 Secure as a format. These instructions may no longer allow you to convert an image successfully. 

How to Convert Your Logo to SVG

In order to have your logo appear next to your emails as part of a BIMI record, you must have your logo hosted online. You probably have a copy of your logo, but to work for BIMI, it must meet certain specifications and be in the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. The easiest way is to probably convert an existing image to SVG. 

You will need a copy of your logo like the one below:


After obtaining a copy of your logo, you can use a site such as or AConvert to convert the image to SVG.  We recommend using AConvert at this point in time for the best results.

1. On the site, select the source of your image.


2. Choose the target format


3. Click “Convert Now” and wait for your logo to be converted. 


4. Save the file


5. Now that you have your logo in SVG format, you will need to upload it. When you have uploaded, copy the URL so you can add it to your BIMI record.