Benefits of BIMI
If you haven’t implemented the BIMI standard to help improve your business email delivery, MxToolbox suggests you do so ASAP to experience the several incentives it offers. Noticeable return on investment (ROI) and provided logo security are ways BIMI will positively impact your email practices. After applying BIMI to your outgoing messages, hosting with MxToolbox also brings your company additional benefits.

Return on Investment
Implementing BIMI for your business email not only protects your outbound messages, it also offers a significant ROI to your company. For example, a BIMI record gives your business the following advantages:

  • Vast brand/domain promotion: Effective and Immediate brand recognition in inboxes throughout the world, which improves your brand’s reputation
  • Higher open/click rates: Consumers will recognize your company’s trusted logo and instinctively open your emails
  • Trust: Recipients associate higher trust to a logo they see attached to a known brand/domain
  • Consumer confidence: Authentication helps improve brand/domain reputation, resulting in higher return on marketing investments

BIMI will clearly improve your email delivery rates, but the above points reinforce the overall importance of utilizing this standard for your business. Be sure to ask our knowledgeable MxToolbox team about BIMI implementation.

Logo Security
By prominently displaying your company’s trustworthy, high-quality logo in current and potential customers’ inboxes, BIMI safeguards email senders and receivers. This standard truly covers all the bases for your business and your clients, including:

  • Additional layer of security to help message recipients identify legitimate email vs. phishing messages
  • Improved reputation by inbox providers; another validation standard they can use to identify the trustworthiness of email
  • Minimizing successful phishing attacks
  • As you can see, BIMI’s benefits are overwhelming. It’s a no-brainer to implement this standard to help protect your brand and your clientele.

BIMI Hosting with MxToolbox
Once your company’s BIMI record is created, hosting it with us also provides substantial benefits that help secure your brand’s email reputation. Some of the MxToolbox highlights include:

  • Detecting, notifying, and fixing any issues without ever logging into DNS provider
  • Monitoring of your record to ensure no issues occur that might cause logo display failure
  • Keeping your record tuned to the latest standards for optimal usage

The convenience of entrusting our team with your records saves time and brings peace of mind. We also offer our free BIMI Lookup tool that searches for a specific BIMI record and runs a series of diagnostic tests against the found record. Be sure to check out your company’s BIMI status.
For more information on how MxToolbox will enhance your BIMI experience and improve your overall email delivery, contact our helpful team.