Email delivery is an important business need.

If your email does not arrive at your customers’ in boxes, then you are no longer top of mind or part of their considerations.

Expert knowledge, skills and on-going maintenance are required to maintain peak email deliverability standards.


A Case Study

Who: A prominent investment advisory, and long-time MxToolbox Blacklist customer

Situation:Our customer quickly adopted Mxtoolbox’s Delivery Center in order to improve their management of email delivery. While they found lower than expected DMARC compliance ratings, they were not alarmed until customers began to frequently report spoofing and phishing attacks using their email domains.

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With a weekly volume of over 4M emails across multiple domains and providers, our customer knew they needed expert assistance to manage their brand reputation and domain trust issues.

MxToolbox Solution

The investment firm reached out to our Support team to review their email delivery configuration.

With Delivery Center, you can review and analyze issues with:

  • Your email delivery configuration like SPF, DKIM and DMARC
  • DMARC compliance
  • Blacklisted email senders
  • 3rd party email senders
  • Fraud and phishing threats

MxToolbox Support quickly realized they needed a custom approach to implement the multiple SPF, DKIM and DMARC changes needed to reduce the risk of fraud and phishing.

The Managed Service Approach

First, MxToolbox identified the legitimate sources of email for our customer’s top priority domains. We then determined that several email sources lacked SPF alignment and DKIM signatures, which caused DMARC compliance to be less than 50% for some senders. Next, we gradually took the most important domains to strict (Reject) DMARC policies, while also monitoring DMARC compliance for legitimate senders.

Reject policies protect your brand from fraud and phishing because Inbox providers will immediately reject email from a sender that is not DMARC compliant.

Initial Results

With DMARC compliance of nearly 100%, our Investment Advisory customer is already seeing delivery rates improve and a reduced threat of spoofing, fraud and phishing.

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MxToolbox Fully Managed Delivery Center is a complete managed services approach to your email delivery.

  1. Email Setup Assessment
  2. DMARC Onboarding
  3. Implementation
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Policy Optimization
  6. Proactive Monitoring and Alerting
  7. Improving your Delivery Policy
  8. On-going Maintenance
  9. Recommended Best Practices
  10. Education/Training

Email deliverability and DMARC compliance requires continuous monitoring and tweaks. MxToolbox’s Fully Managed Delivery Center product offers you access to our experts to manage your email delivery setup, online reputation and DMARC compliance issues.

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The On-Going Story

MxToolbox email experts continue to monitor and improve the email deliverability of our Investment Advisory customer, and will soon finalize the adoption of stricter DMARC policies.

  • Detect new fraud and phishing attempts using our customer’s brand and domains.
  • Gradually adopt stricter DMARC policies to reduce the risk of fraud and phishing.
  • Implement new/emerging email deliverability technologies like BIMI.
  • Monitoring Blacklist Reputation across all email senders.
  • Leverage Feedback Loops to gain insight into how emails are perceived by recipients.
  • Onboard and configure email delivery for new email sources like CRMs, Marketing Automation, Order Management, Help Desk, etc.

MxToolbox Delivery Center Managed Services provides the email experts our customers need, enabling them to focus on the important thing: their business.

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