Security Policy

updated 8/8/2013

We operate this website with free public tools to assist email server administrators track down and diagnose problems on their email systems. We also provide email hosting and security services to customers. This policy applies to all services we offer.

My logs show SMTP, TCP, HTTP or Port Scan connection attempts from you, why?

Although we have not had any major instances of abuse, we do occasionally get comments from system administrators who find connections from in their logs. The signature of some of our tests, such as the diagnostic test, look similar to open relay scans that a spammer might perform. (In fact, that is the point of the test!)

If you would like us to put your server in our "exclude" list, we are happy to do that. Any user attempting to run a diagnostic on your server will then be informed that the owner of the system does not wish it to be tested. We actively look for signs of abuse of our systems, so for most system admins, this is not an issue; however, if you want us to exclude you, simply email with your contact information, organization name, and the IP address of your mail server.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for additional clarification.