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This Blacklist is no longer online as the Virbl project shut down in 2017


Listing on Virbl IPv6 means that your IP Address has been listed for sending viruses. Once the Virbl list has received two virus laden emails. 

The affected IP will remain listed as long as the following criteria is met in the past 7 days.

  • The IP has continued to send viruses over the last 24 hours
  • Total number of emails sent is greater than 2

Your IP will be delisted automatically 24 hours after the last virus associated with your IP was found.

Virbl IPv6 will list an entire /64 if it detects 5 IPv6 hosts in the same /64.

Virbl Ipv6 Reports Subnets

Subnet-based Blacklists are used to reject email from entire ranges of IP Addresses, i.e. providers that are hosting companies sending spam, as well as single IP Addresses that may fall in that range of IP Address.

Virbl Ipv6 Reports Virus Infected Sources

Virus-based Blacklists are those that will list single IP Addresses (or hostnames) of email servers that have sent Spam traffic that is generated by some form of a Virus, Malware, Trojan, or "botnet" infection in a network. This is often a result of a user visiting a webpage that houses an infection and downloads malware on a PC which then creates a "mini SMTP" server used to hijack account information, and send bulk email to recipients in the Users' email address book. It can affect the actual machine housing the "Email server platform" or on a local PC which is allowed to connect to the Email Server IP Address on SMTP port 25.

Virbl Ipv6 Automatically Delists Entries

This blacklist does not offer any form of manual request to delist. Your IP Address will either automatically expire from listing after a given timeframe, or after time expires from the last receipt of spam into their spamtraps from your IP Address.

More information about Virbl IPv6 can be found at their website:

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