How MailFlow Monitoring Works

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Mailflow Monitor Details

Mailflow Details
Example Mailflow Details

The Mailflow Monitor tests the full availability and performance of an SMTP server by continually sending test messages to it and waiting for those messages to be received back after it forwards a copy back to our servers.

We Send Your Server Test Messages

Our servers will send a test message every five minutes to an email address you configure on your domain either via MX Records or directly to any IP you specify. You configure this mailbox to either forward or automatically reply mail sent to it to an email address that we provide that lives back in our datacenter.

Your Server Sends Them Back to Us

Once we receive the reply we calculate and store the round trip information in our database. We will alert you if any messages go missing and we will construct a true picture of the overall performance and health of your mail server.

Mailflow Dashboard
Example Mailflow Dashboard

Graphs of Performance History and Problems

You have access to text and graphical analysis showing response times and round trip information. You can look at your history over a period of hours or months to see trends or help diagnose specific trouble instances.

You can also drill down and see detailed information about individual test messages to help diagnose where the problem might be even for the most complex of mail flow configurations.